In 1995, I was a full-time college student working full-time. When I first learned about chiropractic and truly understood it, it became a priority in my life. Despite my financial struggle at the time, I committed myself to budget $120 per month to see my chiropractor.

When something is a priority, we find a way to afford it. Chiropractic care corrects nerve system interference called subluxation.  Optimal nerve system function is the foundation of your life.  Since everyone who wants to be well, needs chiropractic, providing affordable care is important to me.

I never want financial burden to prevent anyone from getting the care they need to live a healthy life. The fee system implemented at ABLE is designed to accommodate you or your family. However, in order to keep pricing low, it is imperative that I see a lot of people.   I ask that you please refer others so that I may help them in their pursuit of A Better Life Experience. Besides, healthier people mean a healthier city, so referring everyone to ABLE makes sense! ~ Dr. Shelly


  • Awesomeness
        *for clients who value their health
    • $30—1 adjustment (clients who visit ABLE at least once per month)
    • $220—10 adjustments (expires 12 weeks from purchase date)
    • $1600—one year of adjustments (you may come in every day that the office is scheduled open).
  • HELP!   $45 (people who’ve been neglecting their ABLE adjustments for 4 or more weeks)
  • Tourists traveling without a chiropractor—$45
  • Outside of scheduled hours: You have an emergency and need Dr. Shelly to meet you at ABLE—$65
  • House / Hotel Calls
    • $100 for the first person
    • $45 for each additional
  • Wellness Coaching: By appointment—$100 / hour charged in 15 minute increments